Fillings are a common dental procedure used to repair teeth that have been damaged by decay, fractures or wear. The goal of a filling is to restore the function and shape of a tooth, and to prevent further damage. Instead of ‘filling’ we’re going to use the term ‘restoration’. This better describes how we are managing your tooth. We are RESTORING the tooths form (shape), integrity (strength) and function (ability to contribute to chewing food).

At The Reef Dental Centre we offer three types of restorations to repair cavities, including:

  • Composite restorations: also known as tooth-coloured restorations, are made of a mixture of plastic and fine glass particles. They are matched to the colour of the tooth, and therefore they are virtually invisible. They are also less invasive than amalgam restorations, because they require less tooth removal.
  • Ceramic EMax filings: EMax is lithium disilicate glass and offers one of the most aesthetically pleasing options creating a very realistic looking tooth cap that matches other natural teeth.
  • Gold restorations: are made of a mixture of gold, copper and other metals. They are more expensive than other types of restorations, but also last longer and are less likely to cause allergies

During the procedure, our practitioners will first numb the area around the tooth to minimise discomfort. Then, we will remove any decay or damaged area of the tooth and clean the area to prepare it for the restoration. The frestoration material will then be placed into the prepared area and shaped to fit the tooth. The restoration is then hardened and polished to match the shape and contour of the surrounding tooth structure.

The recovery time is minimal, and you can return to normal activities immediately after the procedure. However, it’s important to follow the instructions provided by our team to ensure proper healing and to minimise the risk of complications.

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