Children’s Dental

Happy, healthy smiles are both our aim and motivation at The Reef Dental Centre; especially when it comes to your children and their oral hygiene.

Your Child’s Oral Health Is As Important To Us As It Is To You And The Tooth Fairy

Our friendly and gentle practitioners take great pride in ensuring our younger patients feel comfortable with us every time they come to see us.

At The Reef Dental Centre we are skilled at identifying and addressing issues that may affect the development of your child’s teeth, jaws and face and will recommend and take action as necessary.

Our practice focuses on every stage of the development journey from infants to children and adolescents.

Kids Are Kids

Naturally, kids are kids and especially at a young age we do not expect children to cooperate to the same level as adults. That’s why we try to make your children’s appointments fun and do our very best to ensure a positive and stress-free experience.

At The Reef Dental Centre we advocate regular check-ups and cleaning to avoid prevent decay and the necessity for overly intrusive treatments. As with adults, prevention and daily brushing is the most effective way to maintain healthy teeth and gums.

If and when your child does have a dental emergency, rest assured that we apply age-appropriate treatments.

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