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Wisdom Teeth & Dental Implants

There are many reasons why your wisdom teeth might need to be removed, chief among them being pain and infection. At The Reef, we’ll do an assessment to determine if removal is necessary. If it’s determined that you’ll need to have your wisdom teeth removed, we will then discuss your options with you, which include surgical extraction under sedation in our clinic. For more serious cases, we will refer you to an oral surgeon to have your wisdom teeth extracted in hospital.

In most cases, though, we can address those wisdom teeth issues right here in the dental chair. We offer numerous forms of sedation, including IV sedation. Many people aren’t partial to hospitals, and so having the option to have your wisdom teeth removed in our clinic helps negate any possible fears and, as an added bonus, it eliminates the cost of hospital admission, which makes the procedure more cost-effective.

We offer multiple options to replace a tooth, the most common being a dental implant. The stages of placing a dental implant vary depending on the situation, however, the more common and predictable method involves three stages. Firstly, the tooth is removed and the underlying bone is allowed to heal for a period of weeks to months. Then, a titanium screw is surgically insterted into the healed jawbone. Finally, approximately 2-3 months later, a Crown in the shape of your previous tooth is constructed and secured into the titanium screw in your jaw.

If you would like an assessment or you would like to discuss your options regarding wisdom teeth and dental implants, contact us or make an online booking.

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