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Affordable General Dental Care

At The Reef, we want you to be as passionate about your dental health as we are. Dental care can often be associated with a significant cost in both time and money to the patient and, as a result, a lot of people will only see a dentist once they can no longer tolerate or manage the pain they have been experiencing.

This is why we emphasise the importance of ongoing dental health check-ups (what we like to call “continuing care”), and it’s also why we give patients options when it comes to corrective treatments so they can choose a treatment plan that best matches their needs and budget.

We encourage our patients to prioritise check-ups, be they every three months, every six months or annually. During these check-ups, we focus on preventative maintenance — scale and clean, X-rays if required, etc. When you come and see us for continuing care, we can help keep your teeth and gums healthy, prevent plaque build-up and keep an eye out for any small problems that eventually become big problems if ignored or left untreated.

Continuing care is a cost-effective option for anyone, particularly if you have health insurance, as this type of treatment is mostly covered by health funds. Ultimately, continuing care saves you money in the long run. With ongoing attention, issues that eventually cause significant pain and require a lot of time and money to fix can be prevented.

Plus, if you’re new to our clinic, you can take advantage of our new patient special, which means, provided you have health insurance that covers dental care, you won’t incur any out-of-pocket costs when you take the first step towards incorporating dental care into part of your overall health routine.

While we’re big on preventative care, we also know that sometimes bigger problems can’t be avoided, and we are aware that many patients are concerned about the costs involved in fixing these problems. As a result, we like to provide our patients with a range of treatment options to match different budgets.

While we want our patients to know that they aren’t limited to just one costly option, we also want them to have all of the information. Often, the most affordable option is only a quick fix with a short shelf life that will eventually need to be replaced. This means that greater costs will be incurred over time.

This is why we advocate the use of higher quality materials with more predictable outcomes (that is, there’s a better chance they’ll last longer and do the job more effectively) that may cost more in the short term, but will ultimately save patients money in the long term.

We are also committed to making dental care as affordable as possible for families while still providing the highest quality of care. That’s why we’ve chosen not to affiliate ourselves with any singular health fund, because we know that these types of provider-insurer partnerships often come with financial stipulations that eventually impact the attention and level of care each patient receives.

Plus, with zipMoney’s interest-free payment plans, patients can get the treatment they need when they need it without having to worry about the immediate cost of the treatment.

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